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Types of Hearing Loss
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Types of Hearing Loss

A loss of hearing or a ringing in the ears, otherwise known as tinnitus, is common and can occur at any age.

For Tinnitus – most people feel a continuous ‘ringing’ or ‘buzzing’ in the ears, but there are other recorded symptoms too. The condition is often caused by working in noisy work environments which include factories, ship yards and warehouses. We have also helped a number of clients who have developed tinnitus through serving in the Armed Forces. For many, tinnitus is a temporary condition which goes very quickly. Around 10% of people have extended industrial tinnitus; a condition which is mild and not very irritating. However, approximately one in every one hundred people suffers with tinnitus that is persistent; it seriously affects their standard of living. In many of these cases, the cause can be traced back to a time spent working in a noisy environment, which was often many years before the tinnitus even became noticeable.

At Mercury Legal Online, we’ve helped hundreds of victims of noise-induced hearing loss. If you feel that you’re suffering as a result of tinnitus, contact one of our experienced team and we may be able to help you claim compensation for negligence.

Symptoms work related deafness

High-frequency noises, such as ringing, whistling, hissing and buzzing are all thought to be key symptoms of tinnitus. However, you may find that there are other kinds of symptoms, too. For many people, the symptoms of tinnitus can be suffering a constant, low – pitch noise in the ears, for instance a form of rumbling, murmuring or deep drone. Others experience musical hallucinations and frequently pick up songs or musical patterns in their head. If you have been diagnosed with any of the symptoms above or believe that you are suffering with tinnitus as the result of a lack of hearing protection in a noisy environment, contact our tinnitus compensation team to discover if you are able to make a claim for compensation. If you’d prefer us to call you back, we can arrange that here.

Types of symptoms

People who are suffering with a constant, low-pitch buzzing often think that it’s originating from another source than inside their heads or ears. To determine where the sound is come from, ask others if they can hear it. If they can, it’s unlikely that you are suffering with tinnitus. Musical hallucinations are a more typical symptom of tinnitus and long-term hearing loss. Nevertheless, they can be experienced by people who have regular hearing with heightened awareness of sound. For sufferers of tinnitus, there is sometimes no clear reason for the hallucinations, but they can be triggered by anxiety. Sufferers of tinnitus sometimes experience a pulsating in the ear; they hear rhythmical noises which beat in time with their pulse. This is normally brought on by changes to blood flow in the blood vessels near the ear or heightened awareness of blood flow near the ears. The flow of blood through the artery can sometimes become restricted and this could be due to a build-up of fatty deposits in the artery wall, which cause the artery to narrow.

Is there a cure for tinnitus?

A lot of our clients tell us that they have improvised their own white noise meters to deal with tinnitus. They do this by tuning the radio onto empty wavelengths, reporting that, to an extent, the static or ‘white noise’ relieves their symptoms. Digital hearing assistive devices have recently been launched, which claim to assist in counterbalancing the buzzing, however as yet such aids aren’t available on the NHS.

Can I claim compensation for tinnitus?

Take a look at our compensation calculator which can give you an idea of how much compensation you may be able to claim for tinnitus or noise-induced hearing loss. You can also contact us by calling our free helpline on 0800 122 3036 or request to receive a free call back.

Claiming For Hearing Loss

Symptoms of Hearing Loss?

Do you work in a noisy factory, coal mine or have you served in the Armed Forces? If you have worked in any one of these places have have developed the symptoms of hearing loss or tinnitus as a result, then call our help line on 0800 122 3036.

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