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Causes of Hearing Loss

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Causes of Tinnitus

We understand how frustrating having Tinnitus can be and how it can profoundly affect your life. Clear Law are experts in work related Tinnitus and help those that have hearing loss with compensation to pay for devices to ease the symptoms. Request a call back, call 0800 122 3036 or ask a question online and we will be able to respond within 30 minutes. 

A ringing or buzzing noise in the ears can occur at any age. Many people have an occasional instance of ringing in the ears or tinnitus following a music concert or after working in a noisy workplace. For many people, this can be temporary and will soon go away. As many as ten percent of people will develop prolonged tinnitus, which can be mild and not really noticeable. However, about one in one-hundred will develop a more persistent tinnitus that will seriously impact their quality of life.

What are the common causes of tinnitus?

Most people who develop tinnitus, develop it from prolonged exposure to very loud noises for a number of years, such as working in a loud job. Some of these typical workplaces can include:

  • Pressing or stamping
  • Factories
  • Ship yards
  • Building or construction sites
  • Coal mines
  • Glass bottling plant
  • Motor garages or workshops
  • Paper, printing or board making
  • The Armed Services

Do you work in a noisy job?

Do you work in a noisy factory, coal mine or have you served in the Armed Forces? If you have worked in any one of these places or have have developed tinnitus or industrial deafness as a result of working in a noisy work environment, then call our help line on 0800 122 3036 or complete our claim form and we can call you back about your claim for industrial tinnitus.

Do you have the symptoms for Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is perceived as a high-pitched sound such as buzzing, whistling or hissing. You’ll find, however, a few other symptoms of tinnitus. For some, the signs and symptoms of tinnitus can be a low pitch noise, such as rumbling, humming, murmuring or a deep drone. Others with tinnitus experience musical hallucinations, where they regularly pick up songs or musical tunes in their head. Do you hear a low pitch humming? Those who hear a constant low-pitch humming sound often think it’s coming from an external source instead of from inside their heads. To determine where the sounds that you can hear are coming from, ask someone else whether they can hear it. If they can hear the noise, it is unlikely that you’re suffering from tinnitus. Can you hear a pulsing noise? Pulsatile tinnitus is a type of tinnitus in which you hear rhythmical sounds that beat in time with your heartbeat. It’s usually caused by either blood circulation changes in the blood vessels near your ear or heightened awareness of the blood flow near your ears. The flow of blood through an artery can occasionally become restricted. This could be due to a build-up of fatty deposits on the inside of the artery wall that cause the artery to narrow.

What next?

If a Doctor or qualified medical specialist has diagnosed you with Tinnitus in the last three years and you believe that your symptoms are the result of working in a noisy workplace, then you may have a claim for compensation. Call us 24/7 on 0800 122 3036 or start our 15 second claim test to see if you have a claim for compensation.

Claiming For Hearing Loss

No Obligation Help

If you are unsure if you have a claim for your hearing loss, then call our team for free, no obligation advice on making a claim.

They will ask you some simple questions about your exposure and will be able to tell you if you have a claim or not. Call 24/7 0800 122 3036.

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