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Tinnitus & Industrial Deafness - Advice & Infomation

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Look after your ears at festivals

If like many thousands of others you are planning to go and enjoy some live music this summer, be careful that you don’t unwittingly endanger your hearing. If you have ever returned from a loud festival or concert and found that your ears are still ringing then you...

Headphones that can detect early signs of tinnitus

A British company has unveiled a prototype product that could soon have a far-reaching impact on the early diagnosis and treatment of hearing conditions including tinnitus. Cambridge-based engineering and design consultancy Plextek created the product with that can be...

Hearing loss – the silent menace

Throughout our daily lives we are exposed to noise. Hearing is one of our senses that guide us through the world, but excessive noise can cause long term, irreversible damage to our hearing. Am I at risk of damaging my hearing? Depending on the type of work you do, it...