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What it is?

Tinnitus is the term used for hearing sounds that come from within your body, rather from the outside world. It is often described as a ‘ringing in the ears’ but it can manifest itself in different noises such as buzzing, humming, grinding, hissing and whistling. While in itself it not a dangerous disease, and is rarely a sign of an underlying condition, it can lead to difficulty sleeping, affect concentration, and in the long term it can lead to depression.

What causes Tinnitus?

An exact cause has not been identified, but Tinnitus usually occurs as a result of inner ear damage. The inner ear comprises of the cochlea; a coiled spiral tube full of super-sensitive hairs, and the auditory nerve which transmits the signals to the brain. If the cochlea is damaged the brain sometimes seeks out and amplifies noise from the functioning part of the cochlea, leading to the sound of tinnitus. This can happen as a result of a disease, old-age, or in many cases, continued or prolonged exposure to loud noise in the work place.

Is there a cure?

There isn’t an easy cure; although in many cases tinnitus will improve gradually over time. Depending on what causes the condition in the first place, there is now a variety of treatments available including:

  • Correcting Hearing Loss
  • Sound Therapy
  • Counselling
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • TRT (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy)

Can you help yourself?

Some people find that they can manage the effects of their tinnitus using the following techniques:

  • Relaxation
  • Listening to music
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Hobbies and activities
  • Support Groups

Can we help you?

If you suffer from Tinnitus and you believe that it has developed as a result of prolonged exposure to noise in your workplace, you could be entitled to claim for compensation. Employers have a responsibility to provide suitable protective equipment and working practices to minimise the danger posed by excessive noise, and if they have failed in their duty to keep you protected, you could be in line for a pay out. Our solicitors have been dealing with Tinnitus cases for many years and so have a great deal of experience in this area of the law. Contact us today and we can listen to your situation and talk you through the claims process free of charge. If you have a case, then we will do all we can to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.