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Sound and noise are a part of everyone’s everyday life, but loud noise can be bad for your hearing. Whether you are young or old, once your hearing has become damaged it is very unlikely that you will ever enjoy good hearing again, but how do you know if you are at risk of damaging your hearing?

You are most likely at risk of damaging your hearing if any of the following apply to you regarding the noise in your place of work:

  • Intrusive noise like a busy restaurant or a vacuum cleaner
  • Raising your voice to have a normal conversation
  • Using noisy power tools or machinery
  • Working in a noisy industry such as construction, demolition or engineering

Symptoms and signs of hearing loss

If any of the following apply to you it could suggest that you are potentially having issues with your hearing:

  • Conversations becoming difficult or impossible
  • Your family complains that you have the TV too loud
  • You have trouble using a phone
  • You suffer from tinnitus

Generally hearing loss increases gradually – by the time you notice it it could be too late.

What can be done – hearing aids

Long-gone are the days of the age-old ear trumpets, these days almost all hearing aids are digital and very significantly smaller and less obtrusive than their predecessors. There are various types available depending on size, levels of amplification and design. They are all battery operated and the main types are:

Behind the Ear – BTE, which rests behind the ear and sends sound into the ear through either an earmould or a small, soft tip (called an open fitting)

In the Ear – ITE, which sits in the ear canal and the shell of the ear

In the Canal – ITC, which has its working parts in the earmould, so the whole hearing aid fit inside the hearing canal.

Completely in the canal – CIC, this fits further into the ear than the ITC aid.

ITE, ITC and CIC hearing aids are not issued as standard by the NHS, but they are available in certain circumstances.

What if your hearing loss was caused by your job?

If you worked in a noisy environment and feel that it is likely that this has led to you developing problems with your hearing you should contact one of our solicitors. It won’t cost you anything to find out whether or not you could make a claim for compensation from your employer. Our team have been handling cases like this for a long time and will swiftly be able to tell you if you are eligible.



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