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Compensation for Tinnitus

Ringing in the ears, known also as tinnitus, is normally associated with noise damage, most often developed through working in a noisy environment. Although other causes do exist, such as listening to loud music, in the majority of cases the underlying cause of the damage can be traced back to a time spent working in a loud environment, with little or no hearing protection, long before the ringing became noticeable.

Tinnitus affects people in different ways. Whilst many individuals who suffer with the condition will refer to symptoms as a ‘ringing’ or in the ears, this is not the only description and the feeling is sometimes described as a hissing, buzzing, humming or whistling sound. As with most medical conditions, tinnitus suffers suffer with changing degrees of severity but at its worst the condition can have an extremely serious impact on the life of the sufferer and can cause sleep deprivation and an inability to concentrate, which could need a considerable and on-going medical intervention.

If you feel that your hearing has been damaged as a result of your work then you might be entitled to claim for compensation. Use our tinnitus calculator as a guide for how much you may be able to claim, taking into the account the severity of your tinnitus.

You could claim up to £32,500

One of the key causes of tinnitus is lengthy exposure to very loud noise. Some people sustain persistent tinnitus if they are subjected to loud noises over a number of years. If this noise is out of your control, for instance, in your place of work, you might be able to make a claim for compensation. Complete our claim form here to see if you have a claim.

Typical workplaces for Claimants

Some of the workplaces we have seen claimants work in include:-
Tinnitus Tick Factories – hearing loss deriving from poor ear protection
Tinnitus Tick Construction/building sites – hearing loss deriving from poor ear protection
Tinnitus Tick Ship yards – tinnitus from loud machinery
Tinnitus Tick Coal mines – miners suffer tinnitus and hearing loss
Tinnitus Tick Forging, pressing or stamping – hearing loss as a result of loud pressing noises
Tinnitus Tick Canning/bottling – tinnitus from loud production lines
Tinnitus Tick Garages/workshops – working with loud running engines can cause hearing loss
Tinnitus Tick Paper/printing/board making – hearing loss from loud repetitive factory noise
Tinnitus Tick The Army – some of our clients have suffered hearing loss from ordnance
Tinnitus Tick Call centres – clients have suffered acoustic shock from sudden loud noises

No Win No Fee Hearing Loss Compensation

At Mercury Legal Online, we are experienced in recovering compensation for sufferers of tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss. Millions of pounds in compensation has been recovered by our specialist solicitors for victims of hearing loss. All claims are carried out on a no win no fee basis. Find out more about how you can start a no win no fee claim with us no win no fee claim.

Want to discover how much compensation you might be entitled to? Click to use our compensation calculator page. Remember, the figures that are displayed will be for your general damages only, so if you require additional funds for your on-going care, such as to purchase a digital hearing aid, we will look to recover further compensation for you, over and above your general damages pay-out. Contact Mercury Legal Online today and speak to one of our experts to see if we can help you.

Causes of Tinnitus and Symptoms

The symptoms of tinnitus are perceived as high-frequency sounds which may include ringing hissing, buzzing or whistling. Other sufferers of tinnitus, however, have experienced sounds such as rumbling or deep droning, so symptoms do vary. If you’ve been diagnosed with any of the above symptoms, or indeed with any other unfamiliar sounds in the ears, and believe that these could be as a result of your workplace, contact one of our helpful team here to see if you are eligible to make a claim for compensation.Complete our tinnitus claim form and one of our solicitors will call you back.

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