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Hearing Loss in Refuse Collectors

We have been approached by a number of refuse collectors who have developed problems with their hearing as a result of being exposed to loud noises on a day-to-day basis through their job. Refuse collectors across the country experience hearing difficulties due to their close proximity to noisy bin lorries on a continuous basis without sufficient hearing protection.

Is my employer to blame?

Owners of refuse firms have a duty to ensure that their staff are safe when carrying out their jobs and if they are exposed to continuously loud noise provide them with adequate protection to protect from hearing damage. This is in accordance with the Noise at Work Act 1989. When sound levels reach 80 Db, all employers are required to take action and provide employees and contractors with sufficient hearing protection. If they don’t, you might be entitled to make a claim for hearing loss compensation.

Am I eligible to make a claim?

If you have suffered short-term or long-term problems with your hearing and believe this to be as a direct result of your job as a refuse collector then you could well be entitled to make a claim for compensation through Mercury Legal. This includes problems with hearing loss and/or tinnitus – a ringing or buzzing sound in the ears. If you would like to discuss your individual situation and the legal options available to you, please call 0800 122 3130 or contact us online here. You can also visit our dedicated website – – for more information.

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Claiming For Hearing Loss

No Obligation Help

If you are unsure if you have a claim for your hearing loss, then call our team for free, no obligation advice on making a claim. They will ask you some simple questions about your exposure and will be able to tell you if you have a claim or not. Call 24/7 0800 122 3130.

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