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Pop stars and actors Gary and Martin Kemp, famous for playing in the 1980s new romantic pop band Spandau Ballet, as well as their acting roles in ‘The Krays’ and ‘Eastenders’, have blamed 40 years in the music industry for their cases of Tinnitus.

When recently interviewed for a national newspaper Martin, the younger of the two brothers said: “There is a whistling in my ears all of the time, during the day I don’t notice it, but as soon as it goes quiet, or I’m in bed, I can hear it. It drives me a bit crazy sometimes.”

What is Tinnitus, and what are the symptoms?

Tinnitus is the perception of sound within your ears that is not caused by any external source. The most common symptom is a high-pitched whistling, hissing, buzzing or ringing within the ears. In some cases the sufferer constantly hears the noise, whereas in other cases it will come and go.

What causes Tinnitus?

In a nutshell, Tinnitus is usually brought on through long-term exposure to high noise levels. It can be instigated through exposure to a sudden loud noise, but in most cases such as the Kemp brothers, it takes years of exposure to high noise levels to develop the condition.

Can it be treated?

There aren’t currently any medicines which have been shown to effectively treat tinnitus, but that does not mean that it cannot be treated. There are medicines available that can treat the underlying cause; such as an ear infection, but in most cases the effects of tinnitus can be minimised by making changes to your lifestyle. Relaxation has been shown to be very important in reducing symptoms, along with reducing exposure to any loud noises.

What if your tinnitus was caused by your employment?

If you suffer from tinnitus and you believe that it is as a direct result of your employment; current or previous, even if you are or were a rock star or musician, you should contact one of our solicitors. Employers have a duty to minimise the risk of any employee developing tinnitus, or any other hearing issue, and if you have been exposed to loud or constant noise, it could be their fault that you have developed the condition. Contact us today, free of charge, and discuss your case with one of our team with no obligation to continue with a case if you decide not to, for any reason. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.


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