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A 44 year old man who killed his ex-partner and then battered her son, before taking his own life, had been suffering from chronic tinnitus in the months leading up to the attacks.

Vincent Nagle, threw himself from a motorway bridge in Nuthall, Nottinghamshire after attacking his former partner and her son at the home they had previously shared. He was later killed when he was struck by a lorry after the fall. Police say they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the events. His sister said after the events that he had been suffering from acute tinnitus for several months before the attack and that it was driving him mad.

Tinnitus can be mild or severe, in some cases it can just be a very quiet background noise; ringing, hissing and buzzing are all common sounds heard by tinnitus sufferers. In some cases the noise and the distress caused by tinnitus can be unbearable, but help can be at hand.

There is a range of treatments available including drug-based treatments, psychological treatments, and mechanical treatments, all designed to minimise the suffering caused by this potentially debilitating condition.

Tinnitus is often caused by exposure to loud noise; either occasional or long-term exposure can cause hearing damage of which tinnitus is often a side-effect. If you or someone you care for sufferers from tinnitus, there is help and support available from a range of bodies including the NHS, the RNID and a lot of information and support from the HSE.

If you think that your tinnitus was caused by exposure to loud noise during your employment, you might be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Employers have a responsibility to provide suitable training, personal protective equipment and if needs be health surveillance to ensure that workers are not exposed to dangerous noise levels. Our solicitors have years of experience in handling cases like these, so contact us today to see how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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