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Tinnitus affects sufferers in different ways, whilst most individuals with the complaint will refer to the symptoms as a ‘ringing’ in the ears this is certainly not the only description and it is commonly described as a buzzing, hissing, whistling or humming but ultimately it all still amounts to the same condition. To those lucky enough not to have the condition it may sound relatively trivial but nothing could be further from the truth. As with most medical conditions there are varying degrees of severity but at its worst tinnitus can have a very serious impact upon the life of the sufferer causing sleep deprivation and inability to concentrate which may need substantial and on going medical intervention.
Mercury Legal are experts in claiming compensation for tinnitus and noise induced hearing loss sufferers. Our solicitors have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for the unfortunate victims of this industrial disease and as we only ever accept cases on a no win no fee basis you are guaranteed to keep 100% of the money you deserve and you do not have to pay an legal costs, even if you case is unsuccessful through no fault of your own. Contact Mercury legal today and speak to one of our experts to see if we can help you make a no win, no fee claim for compensation.

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Acoustic Trauma – who’s at risk?

As we understand more that loud noise damages the ears, we are all becoming better educated when it comes to the risks of hearing loss. Whether it is constant exposure to loud noise, or the occasional burst of sound, the ears are unforgiving when they are damaged. What is Acoustic Trauma? Acoustic Trauma, also referred to as acoustic shock, occurs when the ear is subjected to very loud noise; either suddenly, or over a long period of time. Common examples would be explosions, gunshots, or shouting at close proximity. When using a telephone headset you may be at risk if the person to whom you are talking suddenly shouts, or if some kind of malfunction causes loud, sharp feedback. If the ears are not protected then the noise can cause irreparable damage such as a perforated eardrum, tinnitus, temporary loss of hearing or even permanent loss of hearing, How to prevent acoustic shock In the case of working in a very noisy environment, the risk of suffering from acoustic shock can be minimised through the use of personal protective equipment such as ear-defenders or earplugs. However, in a situation where the employee wears a headset to communicate with others, the headset must be fitted with noise limiters. These work by automatically reducing the volume of the conversation, or simply not transmitting noises above 118 decibels to the user of the equipment. Who is at risk? Anyone who uses a headset as a part of their job can be at risk of suffering from acoustic trauma; those who work in call-centres are particularly at risk due to the high proportion... read more